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Outback Logo Outback India is widely recognized as one of the finest adventure outfitters in the country. We have evolved for 20 years and today as the ownership is taking a shift from one generation to the next ,our commitment to deliver the best for our clients still remains of top most priority. A young dynamic director has taken over on the 1st of Feb 2014 and corporate outbound training programmes are being redesigned and we will be back with new ideas ,new training capsules for all levels by May this year Our business came from our love of adventure and our clients all through these years came from word of mouth. We never had to reach people and market ourselves. Our strength has always been our team wheth’er it’s the champion climbers, be it the rafting experts or our logistic crew they have learnt to synchronize as a unit to customize and deliver to the optimum at all levels.

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Another Strong Climber from Bangalore

Smera Jaydev a budding climber in the prime of her youth has a dozen of medals at state, zonal and national climbing competitions , a strong bouldering competitor is fond of dogs and of course she is recognized for her signature comments on the face book , outspoken and a music buff she has her [...]

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Freedom Cup at Equilibrium

  Dyno and Bouldering  Competition in Bangalore  at Equilibrium on 15th Aug 2013     There must be many reasons why climbing didn’t grow at the pace it should have grown in India, some say it was due to the culture, lack of infrastructure in terms of artificial climbing structures, inaccessibility to a crag area, [...]

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Divas Climb Off – Women Bouldering Competition

Divas Climb off – Women Bouldering Competition An exclusive event was organised by IMF south Zone in Bangalore to encourage young girls to take up bouldering . the event had a qualification and a final round held on 13th  and 27th of July 2013 the finals was a fantastic event that witnessed some outstanding effort [...]

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Indoor climbing in Bangalore

Indoor Climbing Gym in Bangalore . Equilibrium is a state of the art indoor climbing gym. It is located slap-bang in the centre of Bengaluru. This vibrant city can boast of its denizens and their ingenuity. To add to this pool of creativity, we have decided to introduce a fairly new sport. Equilibrium provides a [...]

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Climbing in bangalore this season

Climbing in bangalore equilibrium climbing station ( equilibrium )and XLR8  (www.xlr8india .com)  are two places that hasn’t been affected by the rain this season,these two indoor climbing facilities are good but there is always room for improvement as we all know . One good thing about the two places is that they are open for [...]

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Where do i climb in Bangalore

Equilibrium Climbing Gym is the answer ,the gym  remains open from 6 in the morning to 11 in the night has quality trainers and excellent ambiance to keep you hooked for hours , fingers are shedding skin but believe me you wouldn’t want to leave the place for anything .

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Advance Rock climbing training camp at Badami 2013

Incidentally General Thimayya Academy of Adventure   Govt of Karnataka ,organised an advance rock climbing training camp at Badami , i was told that  a QR was set and a team of 35 climbers were chosen from all the districts of Karnataka. It was a special one for the faculty and the participants as this [...]

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Climbers in India

There had been a downward graph in number of people taking to the sport of climbing in India in 2012 , the year also saw praveen , the best climber in india   opting  an expedition over the 18th national climbing championship . 2013 looks promising with more walls and active  participation among the climbing [...]

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Outdoor climbing with equilibrium

Climbing in Bengaluru is reaching new heights with the launch of equilibrium this April. A state of the art facility the first of its kind, no ropes no harness just climb free without the fear of falling cuz when you do fall you will land on specially designed crash-pads, but that’s not all climbing is not the same until you have felt [...]

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First state of the art climbing gym in bangalore

bengaluru finely has something to look up to. A climbing gym that will sweep u of your feet.

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